403(b)-7 Custodial Services

Specifically designed for employees of Public Schools and other 501(c)-3 institutions, these plans allow teachers to defer a portion of their annual salary through pre-tax deductions from their paychecks.

GWN Securities has a proprietary custodial account through Counsel Trust that allows participants access to over 4000 no-load and load-waived mutual funds.  This custodial arrangement consolidates all of your holdings under one common plan, providing you with consolidated reporting and allowing you to maximize your plan through our TEFRA loan provision.

Whether you decide to self-direct your account or subscribe to one of our managed models, you will have the ability to not only have deposits made via payroll deduction, but you can also rollover (tax free) any old TSA accounts you might have.

GWN Securities is an approved vendor through www.403bcompare.com, the California State-approved vendors list; therefore you can be confident that you will not have any interruptions in your deductions.